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We are offering all kinds of seals for this demanding field We offer fast delivery for quick repair.

In order to ensure long-term efficiency, it is important that our products are resistant.& Nbsp; in water.

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Non-metallic gasket and compressed sheet

Compressed sheets and nonmetal gaskets are maintenance that is widely used in shipbuilding and shipboard factories.

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Kammprofile gaskets and spiral gaskets are widely used in offshore pressure vessels and pipelines if the temperature, pressure, flow or vibration exceeds the capacity of traditional bonding.

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A comprehensive braided packing pump and valve covering all marine gland sealing by centrifugation and reciprocation is connected to the rudder post and the stern gland.
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All range of elongation seams and flexible bellows are used in the marine industry.

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Flexible metal hose and non-metal hose, oil, water system, life system, tank connection system.