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Kaxite sealing products and related parts are frequently used in hydroelectric power generationapplication.ife.

Renewable Energy

Product quality and long life.

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PTFE packing, &?? nbsp;Graphite PTFE packing, &?? nbsp;Graphite packing, &?? nbsp;Injectable packingEtc. are all processes that provide long-term sealing solutions using high abrasive slurries and chemicals used in processing.

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Non-asbestos sheet& Nbsp; and & nbsp;gasket& Nbsp;PTFE gasket& Nbsp;, & nbsp;Rubber gasket, And expanded graphite gaskets.

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Spiral wound gasket, &?? nbsp;Reinforced graphite gasket, &?? nbsp;Double jacket gasket, &?? nbsp;Waveform gasket.

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Precision mold O ring and other components for the fishery industry have excellent oil resistance NBR, EPDM, Viton etc.

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Rod and gland seal, piston seal, wiper and guide ring fit most precise equipment and control Actuator on the heaviest jack and cylinder.