• Kaxite provides ranges of sealing products that meet the specific needs of the paper, pulp and board industries.The products we provide have excellent resistance to high abrasives, hot and highly caustic slurries, and non-contaminatingqualities for fine paper production.

  • Kaxite has been a leader in gasket selection and standardization in the Chemical & Petrochemical Industry. When working in plants that handle highly dangerous chemicals, it is of utmost concern that they are managed Properly. The gaskets and sealing products that we offer are Only of the best quality suited for such field.

  • There are very strict guidelines in the food industry set out byThe FDA, USP and CIS. Kaxite not only have products that work effectively in these fields but they also comply to such standards.

  • When building a car one wants a product that is bothdependable, compact and strong. Kaxite recognizes theseneeds and have constructed pieces that will perfectly suit these needs.

  • We offer all kinds of seals for this demanding fieldWe offer fast delivery for quick repair. For long term efficiency, it is important that our products are resistant to water.

  • sealing products, etc for multi-national steel corporations. Giant forging presses, extrusion presses, hot rolling mills, the largest steelworks and aluminium plants all reply on proven dependable products as a leader in fluid sealing.